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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guest Post ~ Love, Chemistry and Books

Good Morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day.  I know I did!  Today we have a guest post by Akoss @  I hope you enjoy!

Title: Love, Chemistry and books

Media tells us Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give your significant other, a box of chocolate and flowers, or better a super expensive gift to show your love. Too often we forget that Valentine’s Day is also a day to celebrate friendship, family and our significant others for who they are and for loving us unconditionally. I’m an avid reader of Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction and I wanted to share with other readers two of the most recent couples I came across while reading and what I think is so great about their Chemistry.
First on my list is my favorite couple from “XVI” by Julia Karr: Sal and Nina. They were in my opinion they illustrated well why not having love at first sight could also turn into LOVE after you discover each other. There was a particular scene that I recommend readers to look for: it is about kissing. That’s all I can give away, but trust me their chemistry sent me straight back into my Teenage self. 
My second “Couple” (yes I will explain about the quotes), and also most favorite out of all the MG I’ve read is from “Savvy” by Ingrid Law: Mibbs and Will junior. Savvy is about a family which members get a special power when they turn thirteen. The quotes are to symbolize the fact that they’re barely thirteen are going through a coming of age moment. So they don’t fit the typical romantic couple. Ingrid Law had this scene where they were staying, along with the other kids, at a motel. Although the book was completely appropriate for the age range it also had this very sweet moment. A moment that tells the reader this coming of age for the two characters was holding a lot of romance and sweet moment for both characters down the road. It reminded me of how simple liking or loving someone is at that age, before the unnecessary complications show up when we grow up. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
Maybe I’m a huge romantic at heart and that’s good. There might be bad things that happen out of relationships but I believe in good ones and it warms up my heart when I read about characters like the ones I’ve mentioned. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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