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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guest Post ~ Poem's, quote's and a question.....

Today's guest post is from Ashley at Bookaholic Anonymous.

I thought as a post I would talk a little about love. I'm definitely no expert, but I like to think that somewhere down the road. Maybe a long, long way down the road I'll find someone who I'm truly in love with, someone who I can truly be happy with. I guess to find the right person you have to have a few bad seeds, or perhaps that's just me. So with that being said here are a few poems I wrote dealing with love in different forms. :)
The Way

I love the way you love me
and the way you make me smile
I love the way you love me
and the way you help me get rid of my denial
I love the way you love me
and the way you say you care
I love the way you love me
and the way you're always there
I love the way you love me
because no longer am I blue
I love the way you love me
because now I'm with you
I love the way you love me
and all I want to tell you
Is I love the way you love me!
(In the form of Kat's poem from 10 things I hate about you)

Day of love
Valentines day
is the day of love
Love is what people
all really need
and on this day
is when most is given.
Cupids, hearts,
candies, and flowers
is this days
biggest meanings
who knows
what it all means
but it's every
14th day of February
so if someone
is alone on this day of love
Show them
there are people
who do care a bunch
give them
hugs, kisses, candies
or even take them out to lunch.
A few quotes about love that I like:
-If love is at first sight, and true love is true. Then can true love be at first sight? (me)
-Don't bury your heart in the grave of someone you love. (Pastor at my church)
Question for people who have met online, or who just feel like answering: How can you love someone if you don't know them? It's hard enough to love people you know and you're around all the time so why.....why do you put yourself through this kind of love? Yes, this may seem like an odd question, and I guess for you to better understand my question you would have to know my reason for asking. If allowed my answer is as follows...

Ashley's answer....

Alright so here's why I asked actually I have a few reasons. One- back when I was probably in 9th grade or maybe younger. I met someone on-line (more like a chatroom) I was stupid I know, but I had talked to him for a year or so, and we kind of called each other bf/gf I guess now that I think about it I'm not sure. Anyways he lived in Wisconsin, and I here in Texas. We never met, but I do remember one night I gave him my home number, and he called me on my birthday. Needless to say I wasn't at home at the time, and my dad was and he answered. I was in a lot of trouble when I got home. So why did I think that anything would come from this. I don't know really, maybe I was being optimistic, and I really thought I liked him. Sometime our hearts get the better of us.
Reason 2- My junior HS year my dad met this woman on yahoo, and after 6 months or so ended up marrying her. At first it was all roses, and things. She moved in (with an 8 year old daughter) Everything was good she seemed like she cared about my dad, and me occasionally. After that first year though it went downhill. Things happened that didn't quite add up in my book, but did my dad seem to notice. Nope! He was to blinded by his love for her.
Reason 3- So I know it seems I'm now a little pessimistic about the whinternet love, but I do have one friend who met her Husband on-line through I believe, and she's been married awhile now. She has 3 kids with him, and when I see her post on FB it makes me wonder maybe it's not as bad I make it out to be.

Your thoughts? 

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